What is the Money of One Lakh Subscribers on YouTube in India?

Are you a YouTuber, or do you want to start your channel? You can go ahead if you have the talent and unique and great content to show. The first and the most confusing question which can arise in your mind would be related to the income or earnings from YouTube.

If you are just an audience or viewer, you can also come up with this question as you think it is exciting to know. Our main task today is to know the earning of a YouTuber if they have one lakh subscribers on YouTube.

• What is the Role of the YouTube Partners Program in Monetization?

It’s always a question of debate and confusion about what factors determine the earning on your YouTube channel. If you are a beginner, then you must have faced this difficulty. The creators and the viewer keep a watch to know the factors exactly. 

As we are determined and curious to know the factors, we will elaborate on every point in detail in this section. Before we start, we will take you to the YouTube Partners Program. It is great if you know about the YouTube Partners Program; if you do not, then it is not a thing to be worried about, as we will explain it to you with vast knowledge.

YouTube Partners Program is a comprehensive partners program that gives or allows its creators the benefits of monetization, resources, and customer support, with many other advantages. Now the question arises; when will a creator be eligible to use the benefits of this program?

You all must have heard to have some quantity of subscribers and watch time on your channel to be eligible for monetization. Yes, that is the thing that makes you an eligible creator to use the benefits of the YouTube Partners Program.

If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time over the past 12 months on your YouTube channel, congratulations, you can use the program’s benefits. Your videos must be approved for monetization.

• What Determines your Earning on YouTube?

As we have understood every detail of the program in the above section, we will now take you to the factors determining earnings on a YouTube channel. Many of you must have thought that YouTube pays you for the subscribers and the number of views your videos get.

Let us correct this: it is not the subscribers determining your earning but the number of views. Quite shocking? Now you must be having doubts. If the subscribers do not conclude your earning, then why does the program ask you to have 1000 subscribers?

Remember here that 1000 subscribers are necessary for your YouTube channel to be approved for monetization, but other parameters help you earn. It is only sometimes the case that a YouTube channel with more subscribers will eventually earn more.

You must consider how the views help you earn if the subscribers do not. Before we tell you the process, we will try to help you understand with a small example. 

What determines the earning of a movie released in a cinema theatre? Yes, exactly. It is the number of tickets being sold that determines the earning of a movie. Similarly, the number of views a YouTube video gets determines how much it will earn.

The more views a YouTube video gets, the more revenue it will generate. Advertisements are the next option that determines your earning on YouTube after views. CPM, or Cost Per Mile, is the technical term for views, and CPC, or Cost Per Click, is the technical term for advertisements.

As CPM is affected by the demographic region, the payoff will differ in different regions. As it will be a fixed revenue (whatever you got), the CTR number will be added, making your revenue greater.

These are two of the main factors that determine your revenue. YouTube has also added alternate options for income to the creators, including affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and merchandise are some of the options.

• What is the One Lakh Subscribers on YouTube Money in India?

You have got an idea till now what will be the answer to this question. As it is clear and certain now that YouTube does not pay you with the number of subscribers your YouTube channel has, it is not possible to discover the exact revenue YouTube will get with one lakh subscribers.

As we have told you about the factors and the circumstances, we can make an average or an ordinary guess of the revenue, as the exact value could not be estimated. According to an estimate, a youtuber with one lakh subscribers can earn between a few thousand and a few lakhs.

Besides the views and advertisements, the revenue also depends on the type of YouTube channel you have or the niche you focus on. Some high-revenue YouTube niches are tech, roasting, and gaming, while comedy, food, and vlogging come after that.

• What is the Final Outcome?

You must know how YouTube works and how the revenue is generated with different factors and criteria. As YouTube frequently updates its policies, rules, and regulations, more people are joining the platform to share their content and expand their knowledge.

As you have now understood all the factors determining the revenue, we hope beginners will focus on these factors and create such content. 

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